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YomaBarr Bonkers math/post/hard/whatever core with a truckload of feeling and riffs from the lower circle of hell. Thx Aelia for making it show in my feed.
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Darknight Another slab of monstrous heaviness and more unbelievable extreme drumming. On Malaise TRIE have became darker and more atmospheric. Everyone needs to hear this fantastic band! Favorite track: Passing Daemons.
Christopher D
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Christopher D as complex, bleak, and sludgy as they get, tRIE remains a hardcore band at their core. throatruiner is such a great label, and this is one of the best things they've issued in the last few years. Favorite track: Ildoak.
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Kronos Raw and windswept yet vital, Malaise rapidly strikes its emotions through shifting sand, never finding the closure it chases after. Favorite track: Passing Daemons.
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Le parfum 05:00
Burn your brain and feed the dust. Wild eye, endless pupils. The hands full of inextricable knots. You're corrupting senses, looking for your end, melting violence and beauty as an embrace. All your cold dreams are catching you up. All those voices with burning daggers. Be sure that nothing precious will emerge from your ashes. When flames will caress your waste, when death will smother you, will you remember the blood under your nails. The devious smell of a lost purity, the blood of a dedicated youth. Funeral affliction.
See how black ideas are and how rough is the skin. Bleeding eyes. Blazing hands. Sculpting thoughts, carrying icons. Death in his veins. Gold on his skin. Teeth are sharpening and bodies are falling. Dead never cry, they just fade away. Cross never lies, just sleep and pray. There is no fate. There is no voice, there is no way. The faded memories sing hangman's praises. Dead never cry, they just fade away. Cross never lies. Just sing and pray. Praise to the gold. Praise to the blood. Here is the grave where failed hearts pass away. Here is the grave where nailed hearts pass away.
I listen. I listen the screams. The ones who tear my night. The sky becomes deeper and I have long since left my mind in it. I throw up, again, my guts in a knot. A spasm makes me throw out the remains of my integrity. The passing daemons kiss me. They relieve me. They sink their intentions into my flesh. I watch them burning and dancing in the flames. And I stare at fire until I burst my eyes. Death can dance. Tears are slipping away from me. Trying to find the flaw. Digging my skin, my flesh, me. I am not me. I forgot the shiver under your fingers. I just keep one thing. I forgot the violence of our constrained bodies. I just keep one thing. The smell of burning. Only dust in the eyes. Leave me, you, who want to save me. Only dust in the eye. Whoever you are I hate you. Ashes. Let me see them burn.
I’m a Sun who can’t stop crying anymore. I’m a Sun who can’t stand burning anymore. One more step and it will be the end.  Grief is digging black furrows   Secrets are piling up, distresses are embracing themselves. Tears are streaming towards the same fate. So much sorrow in the palm of a same hand. Centuries of infamy. Sleeping acid. I’m not made of blood  in me, their tears are flowing. Complaints are joining songs in a sinister din. 
Je serai ce que je fus. Je me noierai dans ce qui fût perdu. De mon ombre je remonte les courants défendus. Mais à jamais, mes chairs réfutent l'inconnu. Je suis celui qui a su regarder, mais fait en sorte de tout oublier. De l'acide dans les idées, du velours sur les poignets. J'ai caressé les rêves et les mystères, les ai usés à en les faire saigner. Il faut brûler ces chimères, vivre encore en apnée. L'échine se fend et laisse rentrer le vent. Et d'un souffle présent, il capture le temps. La valse ne fait que se répéter. Je serai ce que je fus. Je me noierai dans ce qui fût perdu.
Ildoak 07:14
Makurrak 04:05
Segunduak metatzen dira, aurpegiak izozten dira. Errauts hotzen gainean jartzen naiz, nire buruari zergatik galdetuz. Zerua erretzen da, Zerua desagertzen da. Inoiz itzaltzen ez den suaren azpitik nabil. Arnasa astunagoa bilakatzen da, oroitzapenak ezkutatzen dira. Non dago eguzkia ? Behin betiko irentsitako amets baten kutsua du. Nire izpiritua bizi luzapen baten truke saldu dut. Hiltzeko nire begiak baizik ez ditut. Gupidarik gabeko kimerak eta ilunpeak nahasten dituen lanbro batean nabil, axolagabe.
Final Relief 01:56
I spit on ashes with burning throat. I want to leave this room with mud on my eyes. Will suicide. Whose idea was it to inject me lucidity? I don’t want to suffer my empathy anymore. So, take it. Take it now. Will suicide Final relief.  I want to drink from the same puddle as you, without even asking who pissed in it.  You stuff yourselves with the same bodies, staring at the same dirty hole. Will suicide Here is the path. Will suicide One more finger on the trigger. And I’m going down. The tourniquet is strengthening and the mist is wrapping me. I embrace my brand new vice.
I walk on an ocean of blades, strangled by all the shades of fear. Long since I wear my flesh on this road. But now it's too late to escape. A curse. A kiss. A kiss on a dagger. The one that let me control. The one that let me be. The one that will take me down. Since the first light, the first breath, I'm dying everyday a bit more. In the pain I don't feel my chains. Behind towers and ruins crows and vultures are aping swans. Trying to convince themselves of an impossible dignity. I turn away to not remind them their true nature... So neither mine. A giant eye stares at me. The sky is growing dark. Its dead light pierces me, enslaves me, unsettles my perception. I see new ways. Thousand of nails pierces my thoughts. Thousand of nails pierces my soul.


While most acts tend to soften with age, the band's work has only become darker over the years. Opener "Le Parfum" sets the tone, with merciless, spasmodic rhythms morphing into bleak, slow-paced heaviness and emotionally-charged vocals screamed to the breaking point. From the straight-up barrage of grinding yet melodic tracks ("Carrying Icons", "Final Relief") to more downtempo, menacing ones ("Syngue Sabour", "Thousand Of Nails"), «Malaise» is a dense album with rich atmospheres and structures. On these nine tracks THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's trademark sound has turned more expressive, resulting in nothing but the band's strongest material to date."


released November 23, 2015

- Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle/The Apiary, Laval
- Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering, Boston
- Artwork photos by Louis Triol


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The Rodeo Idiot Engine France

"Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo.

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