Fools Will Crush The Crown

by The Rodeo Idiot Engine

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• LP released by Throatruiner ( & Enema Thematics


released July 15, 2011

• Artwork by Alan Billi (
• Recorded by Baptiste Bouchard (Selenites, My Own Private Alaska, 8 Control…)
• Mixed by Pepe (Infest, Skunk)
• Mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon…)


all rights reserved



The Rodeo Idiot Engine France

"Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo.

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Track Name: Aorta
Cracking sphere, swarm under the imperial fire.
Changing face, charmed by the dead star's eye.
The large wings embrace the half sphere, unveiling their fucking boils.
Dribbling over the earth, juice of death, Selenites.
The dead bodies, corrupted souls.
These knights achieve their deadly fate.

There is me.

Queen without face.
She 's part of me.
I see her dark wings.
A cold kiss, a bite.
I give you my pain.
Drive in my chest, feel my being shuddering.

My blood drive in yours.
Fed by your thirst, your flesh blackened.

Our bloods forever mixed.
Now, I 'm part of you.
Track Name: Crown Of Thorns
I have my cross to bear , my mind is bleeding.
Don't call me martyr, no it's not worth.
Pray for another man , pray for another reason.
Every day, I'm dying.
Every day, in tears.

A part of me is dead in this town.
I won't return there.
Run the risk of being a shadow.
Hold me, for not slip.
Hold me, for not sink.

I just want to close my tired eyes.
Able to forget, to get rid of my guilty... my reality.
Not Fall.

Now, it's time to rise.
Just throw up this crown of thorns.
It spilled memories' blood.
Killing me. Parasite.
I know. This accident, I must live with.
Track Name: Cup Of Tea?
Prepare your venom.
Here is the vulture dance.
Watch those assholes .
Smiles. Stick on back. Proud handshakes.
You're one of them.
Anything to achieve one's ends.
Play now.

Now it's the time. Show us your shiny teeth.
There is your last chance. So take it.
All means are good for success in this world.
All means are good, no to return to your hole.
Sucking cocks, is not a part of your restriction.
On the other hand we sharpen swords .

When the time comes, stick on back .
Vampire slut, you're sleeping good.
You're ready.
Prepare your venom.
Prepare you.

Change your life.
Welcome to the vultures circle ….. Die in .
Track Name: The Worst Secret
I just keep the worst secret.
You watch  over  the empty train .
Hidden from silent dogs.

Another line.  Change lives.
Other eyes. Change minds.
I bend under this burden and I fall.
Hold them.  Ghosts.
Hold them. I beg you.
Swallow my breath and my thoughts. They mustn't know.
Track Name: Past Acts
Another hole,
Another story.
To oblivion tense fingers are catching,
catching memories.
A black diamonds river
Sheds, sharpened.
Wrecking the fences of a mirror,
Which reflects the remains of a defended future.
She doesn't want, she doesn't die.
She goes where she wants.
Growing again and again.
Spreading her poison.
Changing her prey.
Memory is invading us with concrete feet.
A slab of thousands hands
Our past acts.
Track Name: King Of Nowhere
I’m the king of nowhere,
walking without a crown.
Knights were at my side,
Following all my orders.

Time after time.
Tower by tower.
My castle’s blowing into dust.
Leaving me alone with my lust.

Let them blow .
Let them burn.
I am nothing more.
Track Name: Last Breath
I see vultures searching for your pain
Creeping under the rain
I see ghosts searching for your soul
Making you crooked like a fool
All around you disappears
Changing values into dust
So now I feel your fears
Betrayed by the lust
Sins are surrounding you
No savers are through
Nothing can be done
Nothing since the begin
Misunderstanding what you did?
Don’t care it’s not forbid.
One last thing…
You cling to thousands beliefs
Where is your chief?
This will be you’re
last fucking breath .

They are creeping. Ghosts. For your soul.
Track Name: 2011 Vintage
My life. A huge hangover.
Get drunk everyday to feel alive.
Always stench of vomit.
A drunk card castle.

I put some life in my days.
Missing nothing.
Even if I pay attention.
I drink my life.

Trees of my death.
They already grew , trees that will build my coffin.
I'm enjoying the rest of my time.
I enjoy life with purple teeth.
You expect your sadly Death.

I dance with her,
To make her head spin.
Track Name: My Prozac World
While you're try to take me
to your sad world
I escape.
In my dreams, mute, the sky is red.

Wolves are not the same.
In my dreams, God, I've take your place.
Nobody use your name.
In my sphere, in my cocoon,
nothing affects me.
All your sounds, are just laments.

Your world is dying.
Leave me in peace .
Track Name: Fools Have Taken The Nave
Breezed cracked ground.
Swallows pain and fear.
Vultures wallow with angels.
The giant army is walking.

Screams hammer the night canvas.
Colors flowing and tossing.
The Earth opens its jaws.
Lapping the dawdling shadows.
Digging barren furrows.
Under hungry eyes.

It's the end of Time.
Fools have taken the nave.
Track Name: Discours De La Méthode
Cut the crap with all your dogmas
I live my life and lead my thoughts
Wherever I want

Eating, fucking, drinking
You tell me I'm an Epicurean
I don't wanna get what you say
I'm the average man

But as the world's taking a shit upon us
I just give it back

Philosopher , I don't think so
An asshole, I can't deny
My neighbor? who?
I embrace my misanthropic career
My greatest act.
So I am, the greatest.

I'm sitting on top of the world
And I'm taking a crap on you all, my friends